“Broadies for Life” – March 9-10

Relay for Life is a nigPrintht for the entire community to come together. It is 12 hours of free food, fun, and team activities, as well as a celebration of those affected by cancer – survivors, caretakers, friends, family, and individuals currently fighting the disease. Throughout the night, there will be live performances by MIT student groups, workshops, fun and games, and speakers including Senior Associate Member Tyler Jacks.

This year, the NextGen Association for Postdocs and Grad Students is spearheading an effort to put together a Broad team, “Broadies for Life.” Additionally, we are also having a friendly fundraising competition with the Koch Institute (currently, we’re winning!). All Broadies, family members, and friends are invited to join the team. For more information visit our team page or via http://bit.ly/1565wyo.
Email any questions or comments to NGA@broadinstitute.org. Please visit MIT’s Relay for Life page for more information about the event.

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