Privacy and the Ethics of Genetic Data: A conversation with David Altshuler

“Privacy and the Ethics of Genetic Data: A conversation with David Altshuler,” Wednesday, May 29, NOON, Monadnock Room

Concerns about the privacy of genetic data made headlines earlier this year, and at least two recent journal articles (one published this week and one from January) have addressed the topic.

On Wednesday, May 29, as part of the Broad’s Responsible Conduct of Research Program*, chief academic officer David Altshuler will lead a discussion on “Privacy and the Ethics of Genetic Data” in the Monadnock Room at noon.

All Broadies are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conversation. Come hungry, both for lunch and for lively discussion.

*Broad Institute’s Responsible Conduct of Research program is coordinated by the Office of Sponsored Research to meet the NIH requirements related to research ethics and integrity.