Responsible Conduct in Research Program, October 23, 12 Noon

Broad Institute Responsible Conduct of Research Program

Discussion Topic:
“IP 101: Collaborating with Industry”

Broad Institute’s Office of Strategic Alliances & Partnering will provide insight on the different aspects of collaborating with industry including:  Licensing, Patents & Intellectual Property.

Teri Dillingham, Director of Industrial Collaborations & Licensing
Ellen Law, Licensing Manager

Wednesday Oct. 23 12-1:30 pm
Monadnock (7CC, 2nd Floor)

Lunch Will Be Served

Broad Institute Responsible Conduct in Research Training Program (“RCR”)
This Program provides a curriculum covering major areas of research integrity, a vital component for scholars conducting scientific research to carry out projects in an effective, efficient, and responsible manner. In addition to the online CITI RCR module, it is mandatory for all postdoctoral scholars whose primary appointment is at the Broad and for principal investigators (PI) with less than 5 years’ experience as a PI.