Broadnext10 Junior Voices

Next summer, Broad will turn 10 years old, and we recently launched a set of “Broadnext10” activities designed to rethink all aspects of the Broad for the next decade. As part of this effort, we want you to help envision Broad’s future under the umbrella of “Broadnext10 Junior Voices.” It’s very important that many of you actively participate in shaping the next decade of the Broad by taking part in these Institute-wide conversations and making sure your voice is heard!

Broadnext10 Junior Voices will be divided into two main workstreams, echoing the overall Broadnext10 efforts:

1. Junior Voice, Scientific Frontiers: The goal of this workstream is to formulate key scientific challenges that our community should work towards solving over the next decade – with  meetings organized by programmatic focus or across groups. You will be asked to develop scientific proposals which will be incorporated into others emerging form the community-wide Scientific Frontiers process.

If you want to get involved, please enter your name and information here before Tuesday, December 24th.

Town Hall will be organized on January 14th at noon in Monadnock to explain in detail the expectations and organize the discussion groups.

2. Junior Voice, Culture and Community: An important goal for the next decade is to envision new ways to strengthen the trainee community and assist in career transitions. The Broad NextGen Association, whose core mission aligns with these goals, will be spearheading this effort. They will invite you to participate in discussions over lunch, brainstorming sessions, surveys, and forums. Stay tuned for more information to come.

If you have any questions, please email the NextGen Association at