2016 NextGen Association Election Ballot

Please enter your votes for the NextGen Association for Postdocs & Graduate students. Voting ends Wednesday, September 28 at 11:59 PM. You can vote for up to two (2) candidates.


As a reminder: There are four positions: two co-chairs, and two vice-chair. The highest-ranking candidates will be offered the co-chair positions; the third and fourth ranking candidates will be offered the vice-chair position. Each position is to be held for a one-year term.

Please feel free to contact us if you any questions at aflorent@broadinstitute.org.


Jane Hung


Originally a Seattleite, I joined Broad last year as a graduate student in the Imaging Platform (a.k.a. Anne Carpenter’s lab, a.k.a. the CellProfiler group) coming from MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering. In my research, I apply deep learning techniques to cell classification in microscopy images.
I have experience creating and organizing Broad events as Meetings and Events Officer, in particular last term’s “Facing Forward with Eric Lander” seminar and the scikit-learn workshop with Eric Ma. Besides Broad, I have also been involved in Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) as event lead for their Empowerment Conference and main organizer of their Orientation Welcome.

It’s important to me to set up events that are directly relevant to the trainee community and are unique to Broadies. I would like to leverage our network by inviting more leaders to participate in the Facing Forward series, connecting with more contacts in academia and industry for career development events, providing more hands-on workshops, and continuing with the career and social developments events already running. Of course, trainees themselves often have the best ideas, and I want to provide a platform where all members of the trainee community can easily contribute their thoughts. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the events!

Colles Price, PhD

colles-america-rulesHey everyone! My name is Colles Price and I am a 2nd year Broad-affiliated postdoc working in the Hahn lab as part of the Cancer Program. As part of the Broad community this past year I have had the pleasure to participate in several Broad groups and events, including the NextGen association. I believe NextGen serves as an important organization to support and bolster graduate students and postdoctoral students and I look forward to helping produce programs that will prove useful and interesting. I plan to build upon and expand the excellent academic and career training NextGen currently provides as well as build more opportunities for social interaction. In my vision of the NextGen I hope to continue to connect graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and create an environment where we can all share our diverse and various knowledge and experiences. In addition if I am elected I will be an avid voice for Broad trainees and work to provide resources and skills so trainees are able to succeed. I have proudly served on similar organizations in the past. In my undergraduate studies I have been part of the student government association and as a graduate student I was part of the graduate student association. Now, as a postdoc I am excited for the potential opportunity to represent all trainees and be one of the NextGen chairs. Thank you everyone!

Martine Therrien, PhD

mtherrienMy name is Martine Therrien and I am a first year post-doc at the Broad. I arrived last winter in Boston but I can already see that the NextGen association is incredibly important for us, trainees, and is part of what makes a big difference in our success here at the Broad but also in our career. The previous chairs have done an amazing job and I would like to continue working in this line of thought. As a chair, I will encourage networking activities among students and post-doc, advocate for equity and favor many diverse career development seminars. We all have different backgrounds, different paths and after our journey at the Broad we will all have different careers. I think NextGen is here to help us achieve our goal and prepare us for the future. The training offer should be diverse and suits for students and post-doc. Also, through NextGen we should learn from each other’s expertise and from previous Broadies.

I am from Montreal where I was involved in the student association of my department and in Brain awareness Montreal. I have more experience in science outreach activities than in student associations but I think I can bring an interesting perspective and new ideas to NextGen. The Broad is involved in many public events and I would like the trainees to participate more to this kind of activities.

I hope to have a chance to serve as a chair of NextGen and I look forward to being more involved within NextGen and at the Broad.

Li Wang, PhD


I am a Postdoc Associate in the Kellis and Claussnitzer lab in the Epigenomics Program since last September. I have had quite a transition in the past year after I got my PhD from University of Georgia, even though everyone is telling me Boston treated me well with a “warm” winter. The transition from Arabidopsis (a model plant organism) research to human epigenetics/epigenomics was a great challenge, and would not have been so smooth if not the help I got from the Broad Community! I have to admit that was triggered by attending the NextGen planning meetings, through which I was connected directly or indirectly to people or resources I needed. I truly believe NextGen functions to promote communication at various levels and help us trainees get prepared for the next career step. If elected for a position in NextGen, I would like to carry on NextGen’s mission to better serve the trainee community as well as to promote communications /collaborations of all members at the Broad. I would especially look forward to getting as many trainees as possible involved in the planning and implementation of NextGen’s social and career development events. “We are here because we all got help from others”, and NextGen will back you up!